BESTofBC – part 1

Since coming home from Russia my life has been a total trip — in so many ways and shared with so many great people.  I wish I knew a way to express my joy through words – but it’s hard to capture the variation and intensity of the emotions felt during these past few weeks.  This instalment is part 1 of 4 in the BESTofBC series.

It started with the exploratory trip up to Kingfisher Heli with my good friends Izzy LynchChad Spector.  I had little idea of what we were getting into as I’d never gone heli skiing before nor had I been exposed to the types of incredible terrain that was readily available to us.  We we’re hyped beyond belief as this was brewing up to be an adventure of a lifetime and one I’d be dreaming about for a very longtime.



For me playing in the mountains is more than just finding lines to ski, it’s about discovering ways to move around in the backcountry.  Even though we we’re getting heli rides to the top of the mountain, we still had to find our way to and from the landing zones and for me that can be super tricky.  We had to be creative along the way to negotiate some of the steep lines, cornices, as well as some ubber tight trees and cliff drops.  We found several epic zones, including one area we got to claim first decent on.  We aptly named it the LiveItLoveIt zone – inspired by our foundation.

As much as I’d like to spin a long ball of yarn – I encourage you to check out  Izzy’s perspective on this trip. She’s a phenomenal person as well an incredible skier, friend and a great writer.

If you are interested in learning more about Kingfisher Heli – check out this article just posted by Mike Rogge of POWDER Magazine.