BESTofBC – part 4

The long overdue and much anticipated final chapter of the BESTofBC series brings us to one of my favourite places on the planet – Chatter Creek


This trip was lining up to be all time, with Cody Townsend, Leah Evans and Josh Daiek leading the charge. The idea was to film a segment with Salomon FreeskiTV where we’d all go out and find some amazing snow, make some turns and catch some air.  For me this was a dream trip come to life.  To have a chance to be in the mountains with a group of pro skiers is exactly the type of experience that I need to evolve my riding and expand backcountry awareness.


Collectively we all came into this trip with high hopes for great adventures as Chatter is a mecca for big mountain riding.  Ideally we would have been greeted at the door with several feet of new snow, cold temps and sunshine.  We lucked out in the sunshine department but that’s about it.  It was warm, very warm with no new snow.  As a group we had to decide if we wanted to abort the trip or make the most of the conditions.  We decided to stay and play – Spring Break ’98 style…



(doing our part to manage the pine beetle kill)


Even though conditions were not ideal we still found some good snow.  Lucky for me I was getting tonnes of blower overhead, taking full advantage of my vertical impairment.  Watching Josh and Leah pick through the peppery terrain and make their way down some bigger lines was really exciting to see in person.  But the highlight of the trip for me was teaching everyone how to ride a sit ski.  The whole crew gets an ‘A’ for effort — with a big shout out going to Cody and Leah for their fearless rampage down a pretty steep face, which was even a challenge for me to ride.

Unfortunately our trip was cut a little short due to the unseasonal weather and variety of “Spring Break” related ailments. Cody and Leah both caught a nasty flu and I was heli evacuated due to an infection called Epididymitis. The onset was likely caused by dehydration (oops) and nearly resulted in an amputation. It was a pretty stressful ordeal at the time but luckily for me I was able to keep everything in good order.

Big thanks to everyone at Chatter for a great trip and responding so quickly to a rather random emergency request… ‘I think my balls are going to explode, you need to get me out of here now’!

Be sure to tune into Salomon FreeskiTV next season to see the antics and adventures first hand.