Freewheel 2013

Ever wonder what it’s like to be paralyzed? It’s a crazy thought. And it’s nearly impossible to really comprehend the implications of such intense physical and emotional change.

A spinal cord injury is a powerful transformation, it may feel unfair and moving forward can seem unfathomable. There are so many questions about what life will be like, and the unknowns are endless. This is where the LiveitLOVEit Foundation comes into play.

Our adventure camps started out as an adrenaline based adventure camp. To get people with recent spinal cord injuries outside and show them a good time. Over the past few years we’ve evolved our philosophy to allow for a more holistic and well rounded experience. The inclusion of yoga, art classes, writing workshops, meditation, dream work and holistic nutrition has added new elements that in our opinion, compliment the outdoor adventure activities quite nicely.

To create an environment that allows people to break down their perceived physical limitations and do things once thought impossible, is a very powerful experience. The adventure aspects evokes a sense of curiosity which often leads to deep & meaningful conversations, which has the ability to change lives.

We strive to change the perception of what a life with a spinal cord injury can be, show that our potential is not limited by our physical bodies and encourage the exploration of our creative outlets.

We have been able to provide these camps at no cost to the campers, thanks to the generous support of businesses and volunteers in our community. To find out how you can help, drop us a line at