This blog is gonna have to be quick and dirty as I have less than an hour before the official Paralympic Blackout (where I am no longer aloud to do anything that would even remotely be considered promoting my personal sponsors, including using my website to blog).. it’s crazy I know?!  But these are the rules I must abide to if I want to represent my country at the greatest sporting event around.

I’d like to point out all the companies that have helped me get to where I am at today.  Without there support I would not be able to do all the fun things I do.  With there support I am going to head into Sochi with my head held high knowing that I have done everything in my power to be prepared for the moments ahead.  We are products of our environment(s), please have a look at who supports Canada’s athletes (and keep the cycle flowing by supporting those that support our dreams).

Speaking of support, love and all things amazing.. I could not and would not be the person I am today without having a wonderful, amazing, kind, thoughtful, patient and totally kick ass woman by my side.  My girl Lacey has been with me every step of the way and will be with me in spirit as I take our story to Sochi to add another chapter in our book of life (and sharing it with our little super nova).


This ski season has been filled with challenges and many learning opportunities for me.  My ever expanding curiosity for refining my approach to how I come down the mountains has been a bit of an evil mistress.  Some days I feel like an absolute champion and others I am faced with deep contemplations as to what on earth I am doing?

The great news is that thanks to the support of all the coaches and support staff at Alpine Canada I have been able to work through all of these challenges to be in a position of great stoke as we move forward to Sochi.  My competitive season wrapped up last night at the World Cup Finals in Tarvisio, Italy.  And it wrapped up all nice like a present with a bow on it… I skied really well in the downhill and placed 6th.  Learning from the hill I was able to improve in the Super G (1st) and Super Combined (1st).

tarvisio | podium

To make a great day even that much better I was totally surprised when I was presented with second place overall in the World Cup Super Combined Standings (first time I have ever cracked the top 3 in the overall standings).

tarvisio | team shot

Don’t want to get to far ahead of myself here… just wanted to say thanks to everyone for helping me to this point in my life.  And a special shout out to Brianne Law for sharing these great photos.

tarvisio | church

And for the record this blog was submitted at exactly 11:30PM PST, half hour before the Paralympic Media Blackout.  The next time I am allowed to sign back in will be March 19th.  You can follow all my other social media channels for random snippets from the games..