Holiday Cheer

The 2012 holiday season was filled with abundance – primarily in the shape & form of visitors, travel & lots of that fluffy white stuff we like to play around in.

The good times started just after I came back from Colorado when my mountain greeted me with over 100cm of fresh in a few short days.  It was great for the locals, as the resort was quiet and the snow was plenty.  Our friends came from near and far which made for fun times at the hill and at the dinner table.

My girl and I hit the road for Christmas and New Years, starting with a visit with my parent’s at their place just outside my old hometown of Kimberley.



Classic vista in Kimberley for the KFC reunion party


After a few days of family gatherings, playing in the snow and overeating we flew up to Yellowknife in Arctic to visit more family for a few days… 


Sunset in the Arctic


Lucky shot of this dogsled team running the Ice Road


Heading to Pemberton to bring in the New Year!


Top of sudan with Dan

Chilling with my oldschool brotha above Sudan Couloir

droppin into glacier

Droppin into the gnarr

Jd & Prutting

Touring around with my newschool holmie from NYC




Wishing you all prosperous and wonder filled year ahead.