home sweet home

Oh man I love my time at home… and home is rather expansive definition these days.  The last few weeks at ‘home’ have encompassed the better part of BC and the rocky boarders of Alberta.  It does not matter to me where I lay my head at night – for me home is where the heart is – and that is defined by people that inhabit these communities.

My adventures started in Vancouver for some work, which spanned over a week with plenty of down time in between projects. It was especially rad as my beautiful lady was able to join me for the trip – we had a chance to enjoy a brief refuge from winter as the city was mainly sunny & felt more like spring than winter.


One of the highlights of my week included receiving the Queens Diamond Jubilee award – which was a rather noble honour to be in receipt of.


From the big city I drifted back to my native valley in the Kootenay’s; first in Panorama for a training camp with the National Team then to Kimberley for a quick visit and a little ski on hills where I first cut my teeth.  From there it was off to Apex Mountain for the OSISKO DH Camp, which allowed me to ramp up my speeds in a safe and controlled environment.  It was super nice to be able to train like this before world champs later this month…

After Apex it was time to go my physical home for a few days to recover and prepare for my next big trip(s) World Championships in Spain and World Cup Finals in Russia.  For a ski racer these are the moments & events we train countless hour for.  For sure I’m excited for the opportunity to test my mettle and represent my country but at the same time I don’t get to worked up about this type of thing anymore.  I go to do my best and let nature take its course from there… whatever will be will be.