Before setting new goals for the new year I like to take a look back and take stock of what was.  And when I scroll through my stories I can see that this past year was filled with action, adventure, challenges and a whole lot of love.  From living the nomadic ski racer lifestyle to going exploring the backcountry via snowcat and heli.  The spring time gave opportunity to take part in a variety of adventures (both on and off snow).  I finally got back into mountain biking after a long absence and was invited to speak at a TEDx conference.  The summer months were filled with dryland training, yoga, surfing and time at home.  The fall was a time to harvest the work invested over the summer months and applied to my on snow preparations for this years race season.  As mentioned in a few of my recent blogs much of my recent time on snow has been peppered with challenges, of which are now behind me.


With less than 50 days to go before #Sochi2014 I am once again enjoying being in a space of wonder and playfulness with my skiing.  My objectives for the journey ahead of me can be measured in two ways, qualitative and quantitative.  My priority is to go and have fun in Sochi and play with whatever the mountains and courses have to offer.  I want to show the world how fun our sport is and the power of movement and momentum.  From a quantitative perspective I would love to do well, hear the Canadian anthem and see our flag raised after a successful day on the race track.  I’d love to be able to share this with all my friends and family that believe in the power of sport and have supported my journey as a skier.


But the biggest news of 2013 for me was becoming a papa.  My beautiful wife gracefully introduced Nova Autumn to the world on October 15th.  This has been the most WONDERful experience of my life!  Words cannot describe the joy and love that this little lady has brought into our world.  Thank you little moon for joining our family.

hooded nova