Spirit of Love

This past weekend I had the great fortune to take part in a workshop that resonated with me deeply in many ways.  It touched on my seemingly insatiable wonder of nature & our connection with the elements.

Our relationship(s) with one another, the planet and all living things have been something that I’ve felt an intuitive connection with for some time.  I’m thrilled beyond words & incredibly grateful to start putting some of the pieces of the puzzle together.  Seeking truth and spirituality is definitely outside of my comfort zone – but as I’ve said before, that’s where the magic lies.

Being curious and asking questions is a great way to experience life.  Challenge yourself to learn/try something new – you’ll never know what’s beyond the door (of possibility) unless you look for yourself.

Here’s a little video that an old friend of mine just released.  It seemed to pick up right where the workshop left off…  have a look/listen & enjoy the experience.

Calling The Others – music video – (in progress) from Simon Haiduk on Vimeo.