Heading to the land of Swiss cheese and chocolate has to be one of the most tempting trips of the year.


But the reality of this particular journey was a game of sixes.  On one hand it was imperative for me to go and put the equipment testing, which has been haunting me for over a year, to rest.  On the other hand my shoulder is still on the mend and another fall could end my season.  Not to be dramatic but it was a rather heavy debate.

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The team doctor and physio were a bit reluctant, as were the coaches.  But we all agreed that if the testing was not resolved this month than my chances of being race ready for this season would be slim to none.  That was not the reality wanted I to create heading into a winter that bears so much potential.

I have been meaning to slow down my skiing for a long time, to work on the basic fundamentals of a turn and perfect them.  A good foundation in sport is like anything else in life.  Without it the vision is inevitably doomed to fail.


I literally dissected how I engage the ski; from the tune, mount, suspension, mechanical posture, seating / harness system, physical posture and right down to the expansion of my breath.  These are all things I have contemplated at various levels over the years but had never been able to spend a concentrated period of time working on.  I guess that in certain light you could say that injuring my shoulder was a blessing in disguise, affording me the opportunity to change my approach to training.

I’d say the trip was a huge success. Not only was I able to resolve the issues plaguing me over the past year, which is a huge relief, but I also left feeling exponentially more connected to the snow & the mountain.

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I went to Swiss with very high hopes and limited expectations. Over the years I have come to realize that if you keep your head up and persevere through the hard times that the pay offs can be incredibly sweet.  My appreciation, sense of wonder and child like curiosity for what is possible on snow has been renewed.

Fear & love are closely related and when a person is invested wholeheartedly into something the lines between them can, at times, become blurred. After a long and stormy chapter it feels incredible to shed light onto the fear and operate from a place of love once again!

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