World Champs

The biggest race of the season was a struggle for me.  It’s been said that the most difficult times reveal the greatest lessons; if that’s the case then I will certainly be reaping great rewards from this trip.  It’s hard to pinpoint the root of my frustrations from this past week, as there’ve been a few environmental factors that have contributed to my overall experience.

Here’s a quick overview of the races for you race fans:

The Downhill track was ridiculously flat for nearly three quarters of it’s duration, which had me trailing the lead-time by over 3 seconds by the time we hit the pitches.  On the bright side I skied the pitches well and made up some lost time.  But it was too little too late as this course favored the bigger (heavier) skiers.


The Super G was bit better with only half the track being flat, leaving me just over a second off the top spot and in sixth place.  It was again a race decided by weight, which was pretty disappointing.


Results aside I skied well, which is really what it’s all about, and got my rocks off hitting speeds around 140km/h – which sounds a lot faster than it feels.  I definitely feel super fortunate to have this kind of controlled environment to be able to experience the world slow down as my physical body speeds up – it’s a rad flow once you get into it.


The tech events did not go as well for me. The snow was really dry and icy and my skis too aggressive, which was no fun at all. It’s amazing how quickly things shift when your confidence fades – everything goes to shit. Once fear kicks in it’s a totally different world and the risks suddenly outweigh the rewards. After beating myself up in the slalom race I decided to pull out of the GS for the sake of my physical and metal health.

Josh - LA Molina

With my mind totally drifting right now, it’s probably not the best time to look too deeply into this trip.  I’m looking forward to taking a step back, and resting into some of the reflections from this particular chapter of my ski career.

For now I have a few days to relax and explore Barcelona before heading to Sochi for the World Cup Finals.  From the little I have seen of this beautiful port city, I can easily say that it’s one of the nicest I’ve ever explored.



Gaudi’s masterpiece – Sagrada Familia




Gaudi’s apartments