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Before setting new goals for the new year I like to take a look back and take stock of what was.  And when I scroll through my stories I can see that this past year was filled with action, adventure, challenges and a whole lot of love.  From living the nomadic ski racer lifestyle to going exploring the backcountry via snowcat and heli.  The spring time gave opportunity to take part in a variety of adventures (both on and off snow).  …

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Heading to the land of Swiss cheese and chocolate has to be one of the most tempting trips of the year.


But the reality of this particular journey was a game of sixes.  On one hand it was imperative for me to go and put the equipment testing, which has been haunting me for over a year, to rest.  On the other hand my shoulder is still on the mend and another fall could end my season.  Not to be dramatic but it was a rather heavy debate.…

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New Zealand


The first thing that ran through my mind (other than the thunderous crack of my helmet splintering against the ice) was oh #$%* this is gonna end of my season?  Let me give you a little bit of the calm before the storm…

New Zealand has been on my bucket list of places to travel/ski for a long time now.  It was my first time to the land of the Kiwi (bird) and it did not disappoint.  The objective was simple, get as much time training on snow as possible in preparation for the Paralympics in #Sochi2014


We (team Canada) based ourselves in the town of Methven, just west of Christchurch, on the south island. …

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Freewheel 2013


Ever wonder what it’s like to be paralyzed? It’s a crazy thought. And it’s nearly impossible to really comprehend the implications of such intense physical and emotional change.

A spinal cord injury is a powerful transformation, it may feel unfair and moving forward can seem unfathomable. There are so many questions about what life will be like, and the unknowns are endless. This is where the LiveitLOVEit Foundation comes into play.

Our adventure camps started out as an adrenaline based adventure camp.…

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When I was first invited to share my story with the TED community I thought it was a great idea. I’ve shared my story countless times and figured it would be pretty easy to write a script for the event. I skimmed through the speaker prep packages and watched a few TED talks online to get a better idea of what a good presentation should look like. It became clear to me that this wasn’t going to be that easy and that I might just be in over my head.…

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