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They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder.  After nearly ten years absence from mountain biking – I finally rekindled my connection with a set of wheels and the earth beneath.  Here’s a glimpse into my first experience back.

You know when you have an on going conversation with someone that’s spans over a lifetime.  One that you can pick up without a stitch, right where you left off, no matter how long the break is.  That’s the sign of a true friendship and that’s exactly how I felt when I hit the dusty trails for the first time since my accident.…

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Spring time(s)


The past few months have been, well hectic.  I’m pretty psyched about the series of events and opportunities that have culminated throughout the spring.  Here’s a quick rundown of the good times…

My priority was to get as much time on snow, to resolve a few loose ends from last season.  We scored a few days in May at Sunshine Village and were able to test a few different set ups, which proved to be very successful.  We were able to conclude our testing in Mt.…

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BESTofBC – part 4


The long overdue and much anticipated final chapter of the BESTofBC series brings us to one of my favourite places on the planet – Chatter Creek


This trip was lining up to be all time, with Cody Townsend, Leah Evans and Josh Daiek leading the charge. The idea was to film a segment with Salomon FreeskiTV where we’d all go out and find some amazing snow, make some turns and catch some air.  For me this was a dream trip come to life.  …

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BESTofBC – part 3


It’s been a wild run this spring and I promise you that I’ll get all caught up on all my writing before too long. Ahead of me is about another month of good times and adventures before the dust settles and summer break arrives.

Until then allow me to catch you up on part 3 of BESTofBC from my POV. So… right after a hugely successful JDS4 camp we packed up camp and drove to Sun Peaks to help my teammate (Matt Hallat) run a learn to ski race camp, called ‘Redefining Limits’.…

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BESTofBC – part 2


The second leg of our adventure brought us back to my home mountain Silver Star for the first annual JDS4 (a learn to sit ski camp) hosted by the LIVEitLOVEit foundation.  We had 5 skiers from across western Canada join us for this 3 day adventure in the mountains.  The whole idea behind the camp was to introduce a group of thrill seekers (with spinal cord injuries) to the mountain culture and the sport of skiing.

The days began with a hearty breakfast put on by my lovely wife and her assistants, followed by a little warm up before hitting the slopes.  …

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