Live it Love it Foundation – VP of good times

OUR MISSION is to promote the progression of Adaptive adventure and provide outdoor recreation opportunities for the disabled. OUR VISION
 is for a world where adventure and outdoor recreation is accessible and affordable for everyone with a disability.

Raise Your Hand – Spokesperson

The Raise Your Hand movement empowers you and all young workers in BC to use the rights that will keep you safe on the job.

Opportunity International – Ambassador

Opportunity International provides financial products and strategies to over two million people working their way out of poverty in the developing world.

High Fives Foundation – Ambassador

High Fives’ is dedicated to raising money and awareness for athletes that have suffered a life-altering injury while pursuing their dream in the winter action sports community.

Rick Hansen Foundation – Ambassador

Rick’s story has touched countless people around the world. One man in motion has motivated many to take action towards making the world more accessible and inclusive for all.

David Suzuki Foundation – Proud supporter

Small steps make a big difference on the path to living more sustainably.  From everyday green living tips to helpful resources on fighting climate change, we can help you make informed decisions to reduce your environmental footprint.

1STEP Foundation – Ambassador

1STEP aims to find and communicate practical ways for winter sports communities worldwide to practice their sport with environmental sustainability in mind. Whether it’s at a resort or in the backcountry, 1STEP is dedicated to finding ways of reducing carbon emissions and making sure that the environment isn’t harmed in the pursuit of winter play.

Wings For Life – Ambassador

A part of the Red Bull family, Wings for Life mission is simple, Spinal Cord Injury must become curable.

TELUS Community Board – Director

TELUS is a major player in the world of communication and a highly philanthropic company, with a passion ‘to give where we live’. As a board member I help allocate their money to programs and services in our community.