Float House

March 31, 2018

It has been a wild and crazy few months in and around the Dueck house; a growing family, coaching, mentoring, speaking, the Paralympics and a few ski trips have been good for the soul, but hard on the body.

Once upon a time as a full time athlete, this kind of workload and travel schedule seem quite manageable, normal even. Now with two kids, a job, bills and an aging body on top a hectic travel schedule seems to be taking a toll on my bag of bones.

There comes a point where something has to change or break.

One-part desperation, one part curiosity, one part opportunity led me to a sensory deprivation chamber, also known as a float tank. I first heard about this technology years ago, the concept had me stoked, however due to lack of availability in the area I was not able to experience the benefits of floating, until now.

So here we go, you get into the water that is filled with over 800lbs of salt to you float right to the top and for a time you are completely free from gravity. The water is the same temp as your body, it is completely dark and in a matter of moments you lose where your body ends and the water begins.  After a handful of floats I can speak to the value of taking a moment to be still, it is so good for the mind and body to have a break from our busy lives. I mean shit gets crazy on a daily basis, for all of us; smartphones that never stop, work, play, family, life it all stacks up quick and that can be hard on our state of being.

Check out the Joe Rogan Experience for more beta on the float tank.