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Josh is a Passionate, Unconventional and Widely Celebrated Keynote Speaker

His raw approach to sharing stories is refreshing and takes you through the natural cadence of life, exploring the peaks and valleys of the human experience.

His incredible success in sport has inspired him to explore the depth of his own humanity, which he shares with grace and humility. His candid observations will have you on the edge of your seat and the cusp of tears.

  • Josh Dueck is a champion in two respects. He has been victorious at the highest level of sport.  Beyond that, he champions the belief that sport can have a tremendous impact on a person's life.  He is courageous, inspirational and exceptionally talented. Josh Dueck is also a human being who understands the power of the competitive spirit. He is a leader who champions the potential which exists in all of us.
    Scott Russell, CBC Host Olympics/Paralympics
  • “Dear Josh: Thank you for the outstanding job you did as Keynote Speaker at our 2015 Conference . Your presentation was highly engaging and truly inspirational. The feedback from the conference attendees was very positive, and your post-conference survey score indicates that you were our top rated Keynote Speaker of the past 5 years."
    Canada West Ski Areas AssociationDavid Lynn, President & CEO
  • "It was an absolutely pleasure to hear you speak this afternoon. Thank you so much for spending the time with us and bringing us into and along with you on what has been a remarkable journey. What I hoped for this afternoon was for our staff to understand the importance of the work they do, and the importance of understanding the difficult and very often tragic events that bring our clients through our front door. And my, did you ever deliver. I overheard someone commenting to you that one of the most powerful messages you gave her was the importance of providing our clients with hope, and that she will take this into every conversation she has with injured workers in the future. I also overheard that 'that was the best talk I have had in a professional setting, ever.' I could not agree more. Thank you so much for spending time with us."
    Workers’ Advisers Office
  • "On January 18, 2018 Josh Dueck was our featured keynote speaker at Do You Believe in Magic? a gala dinner at SilverStar Mountain Resort. The event was sponsored by the non-profit Silver Star Dreamweavers Society to raise funds for Silver Star Fire and Rescue. Josh held the audience of 200 spellbound with his personal inspirational story, the value of the Silver Star community and positive messages for the future. His relaxed and confident manner, along with the warmth of his personality, combined to create a wonderful presentation in which he interacted with and formed a connection with the audience. He was extremely easy to work with and generous with his time to speak with people before and after his presentation. I have also enjoyed watching Josh hold large theatre audiences spellbound as he MC’d various events at the Banff Mountain Book and Film Festival over the years. His sense of humour and knowledge of outdoor pursuits make him a good choice for any mountain themed event. I would welcome the chance to work with Josh any time in the future."
    Silver Star Dreamweavers SocietyPatti Lefkos, Communications Chair
  • "We asked Josh to speak at our Managers conference, our first time ever bringing a speaker in. Leading up to the meetings, Josh was excellent to deal with and tailored his message to maximize impact with our audience. Josh’s story is truly amazing, inspiring and motivating. He is an excellent storyteller that completely engages the audience as they were hanging onto his every word. What our managers took away from his story would be hard to duplicate in any other way. Thank you for making our meeting an overwhelming success!!"
    Toyota CanadaCEO


Paralympic Summary

March 20, 2018

Sport has the ability to elevate the human spirit beyond the physical, creating synergy with the mind and spirit.  It is the potential of the human spirit in motion that drives us to be better and inspires those around us to do the same. The 2018 Paralympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang have been nothing less than spectacular, with records being broken, personal bests being had and balanced with the inevitable heartbreak of missed opportunity. A true beauty of sport is…

Thanks for Community

March 14, 2018

Since 2014 Josh and I shifted our focus from many things related to running a business to healing and family. Retirement from sport was devastating for our family; we had no idea of the depth and scope of the challenges ahead. No need to go into details because that’s not what this blog is about, but what I will say is that in the dark days, Josh and I once again became ultimately grateful for community. In the fast-paced world…

Pyeongchang 2018

March 11, 2018

My sport story has come full circle. Being in Pyeongchang for the 2018 Paralympic Games will mark the third round at the games for me, first time as a reporter. It feels great to be on the other side of the fence watching closely and cheering loudly with the millions of fans around the world as we watch these athletes put it all on the line.

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Triumph Through Tragedy

From humble beginnings in a small mountain town to casually sitting on top of every major podium, from the Paralympics to the X Games, this story of triumph through tragedy is anything but conventional. Inspired by a generation of mountain enthusiasts before him, it became clear to Josh from an early age that he would dedicate his life to the sport he loved, freestyle skiing. After a tragic accident on skis in 2004 Josh was given a choice; wallow in misery or shift his perception of how one can move through the mountains.

2014 Paralympic Gold Medalist
Canada’s Closing Ceremonies Flag Bearer, Sochi 2014
2014 and 2010 Paralympic Silver Medalist
2012 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year
2011 X Games Gold Medalist
Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Recipient
First person to perform a backflip on a sit-ski


Continued Empowerment & Growth

Inspired by the works of the non-profit foundations he is a part of, Josh and his wife Lacey strive to redefine the rehabilitation process for those living with life altering injury. A blended approach of mentorship opportunities; one part empowerment through adventure aligned with a learning component grounded in mindfulness techniques and yoga. The goal is to create a safe environment that celebrates growth and healing for those living with life altering injury.