40 day Sadhana

February 3, 2021

BiG LOVE to Ryan Leier and company at One Lions Yoga for sharing their love for humanity and curiosity from the MIND BODY relationship; it has been a humbling, eye-opening experience to join them and many other aspiring yogis on a 40 day Sadhana.

Be sure to check out One Lions Yoga for a full summary of the daily offerings that motivated and inspired me to become a little bit better every day.  My commitment to this program has sobered my mind and tempered my body through daily routine and discipline, for the most part, I have been able to dedicate the first two hours 5-7 am of each day practicing asana, meditation and devotions.  We were invited to give up something and add another to our life for these 40 days – I went huge and gave up my favourite vices and picked up reading in their stead, it also motivated me to dive into my own 4o day challenge #listenbekindhavefun – if you missed it you can catch that on the ‘gram.

BIG ups and blessings to all who are brave enough to approach each day with the heart of a lion!